Nutrition and Dietetics leaflets

Nutrition and Dietetics and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
A Guide to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss16 Sep 2016
Build-Up Soup and Complan for use in primary care16 Sep 2016
Calorie boosters and meal plan suggestions16 Sep 2016
Committing to PEG Care and Medication Administration1 Jun 2016
Constipation16 Sep 2016
Diarrhoea16 Sep 2016
Dietary Advice for People with Colostomies16 Sep 2016
Dry Mouth16 Sep 2016
Eating Well with Diabetes16 Sep 2016
Finger Foods Leaflet14 Jul 2016
Gallstones: Healthy Eating for People with16 Sep 2016
Head and Neck Dietetic Service11 Dec 2015
Ileostomies: Dietary Advice for People with16 Sep 2016
Low-fibre / Low Residue Diet16 Sep 2016
Making the most of supplement drinks16 Sep 2016
Making the most of your food16 Sep 2016
Nasal Loop1 Jun 2016
Nausea and Vomiting16 Sep 2016
No added salt diet16 Sep 2016
Nutrition and the Teeth for Patients receiving Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck16 Sep 2016
Protected mealtimes - helping our patients to eat their meals18 Aug 2015
Simple ideas to help you improve your food intake16 Sep 2016
Soft Diet due to Chewing and/or Swallowing Difficulties16 Sep 2016
Soft diet for people with swallowing difficulties16 Sep 2016
Sore Mouth16 Sep 2016
Taste Changes16 Sep 2016

This information can be made available in other formats. If you need it in: Large print, Braille, Audio, a language other than English, Total Communication format (for people with a learning difficulty), please contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on 01803 655838 or the Patient Services Manager on 01803 654850.

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