Podiatry leaflets

Podiatry and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation – Insertional30 Aug 2016
Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation – Non-insertional30 Aug 2016
Ankle Brachial Pressure Index1 Aug 2016
Assessment: Initial Podiatry Appointment1 Aug 2016
Assessment: Initial Podiatry Appointment (Easy Read)1 Aug 2016
Athletes foot and fungal infections1 Aug 2016
Balance Boards30 Aug 2016
Bronchiolitis - Information for parents and carers19 Apr 2016
Bunions1 Aug 2016
Charcot Foot1 Aug 2016
Chilblains1 Aug 2016
Children's & Adolescent's Feet1 Aug 2016
Corns and Callus1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Foot Care - Footwear Advice1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Foot Care - High Risk1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Foot Care - Increased Risk1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Foot Care - Low Risk1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Foot Care - Type 2 Diabetes1 Aug 2016
Diabetic Neuropathy1 Aug 2016
Falls Prevention1 Aug 2016
Foot Care for Carers1 Aug 2016
Footwear1 Aug 2016
Heel Pressure and Ulcer Prevention and Off Loading14 Jul 2016
Heels - How to protect them whilst in hospital9 Jun 2015
Holiday Feet1 Aug 2016
Low Dye Taping for Plantar Fasciitis/Foot Pain9 Jun 2015
Morton's Neuroma10 Apr 2015
Nail Filing10 Apr 2015
Nail Surgery Aftercare2 Mar 2017
Non-medical Prescribing9 Jun 2015
Orthoses, Insoles and Felt Padding Information10 Apr 2015
Orthotic Device Instruction Leaflet14 Jul 2016
Osgood-Schlatter Disease9 Jun 2015
Peripheral Arterial Disease9 Jun 2015
Peripheral Neuropathy/Non-Diabetic9 Jun 2015
Plantar Fasciitis10 Apr 2015
Podiatry Patient Injection Information15 Mar 2016
Posterior tibialis tendon strengthening30 Aug 2016
Prior to Toenail Surgery Information Sheet2 Mar 2017
Rheumatoid Arthritis3 Mar 2015
Sever's Disease9 Jun 2015
Skin Care for Feet3 Mar 2015
Smoking and your circulation10 Apr 2015
Strengthening exercises for calf muscles30 Aug 2016
Strengthening exercises for peroneal muscles30 Aug 2016
Strengthening exercises for tibialis posterior muscles30 Aug 2016
Strengthening exercises for Tibislis Anterior muscles9 Jan 2017
Stretches for tight gastrocnemius muscles30 Aug 2016
Stretches for tight soleus muscles30 Aug 2016
Therapy Bands - A Guide30 Aug 2016
Toe Supports-Otoform9 Jun 2015
Toenail Surgery (Easy read)2 Mar 2017
Verrucae3 Mar 2015

This information can be made available in other formats. If you need it in: Large print, Braille, Audio, a language other than English, Total Communication format (for people with a learning difficulty), please contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) on 01803 655838 or the Patient Services Manager on 01803 654850.

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