Health Trainers

Would you like support to:

  • Make healthier eating choices and control your weight?
  • Become more active?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption?
  • Cope with stress and boost your emotional health and wellbeing?

Health Trainers provide free 1-2-1 support.

Torbay’s Health Trainers have the skills and knowledge to help people make a real difference to their health.

The role of the Health Trainers is to provide personalised 1-2-1 support, encouragement and motivation to individuals to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes.

Case studies

See how Health Trainers have supported people in our case studies.

Carer case study January 2011

I was introduced to the Health Trainer programme by my Carer Support Worker. The Health Trainer helped me reassess my lifestyle and I realised that I could do with some help in becoming more active, relaxation and diet.

We discussed what exercises I could do at home and out. She set me goals of applying for a swimming card and phoning my counsellor to restart my programme. She brought me an exercise band and healthy eating programme.

The Health Trainer has been very supportive; together we set goal dates and follow up appointments to check on my progress. She has commended me for small steps which has been encouraging.

I feel I have started a journey that I do not think I could have started alone. My Health Trainer has shown patience, understanding and showed an interest in me and my problems. Her attitude is always positive which rubs off on me. I’ve started to feel healthier, I feel happy that I’m now accomplishing things I’ve known I should do but have had no incentive. Thank You!

How the health trainer service helped me

I have been a carer for my son for 11 years, in December 2009 everything overwhelmed me and took its toll on my mental health which resulted in a spell or extreme anxiety. This anxiety left me house bound and so afraid to be left on my own that a friend had to move into my house for support. I was unable to continue my part time job and everything was starting to have an impact on my ability to care for my son.

I wanted to find a way of controlling my anxiety, rather than it controlling me, I wanted to get back to being the confident person that I had been before.

I was very concerned and confused about my condition so my health trainer helped me to make a list of all the questions and concerns that I had and I took this list to an appointment with my GP. By planning what I wanted to say to my GP I was able to come away with all the answers I had wanted and I became clearer about what anxiety was and how the medication I was prescribed would help.

Following my visit to the GP I gained some confidence and felt ready to make changes to my lifestyle that would help me overcome the anxiety. I met with my health trainer and decided that I wanted to set a goal to get out of the house. I explained to my health trainer that I liked walking and so she loaned me a pedometer and I was able to record the number of steps I was taking on a daily basis. I started by walking to the corner shop, then I progressed to doing a lap of the block and eventually made it into town on my own.

I felt I was making small steps towards becoming my old self again. Whilst waiting for a meeting with a counsellor my health trainer informed me that there was a free 6 week Stress Control course. The programme gave me the tools to manage my stress and anxiety and helped me realise that there are many other people out there who suffer from anxiety and that I was not alone. My confidence grew, I was making myself get out the house, and I was taking more exercise and returned to work.

I felt so much better for becoming more active that I could recognise the benefits it was having on my mental health. My health trainer was able to tell me about Fit-Bay a 10 week fully supervised exercise programme which was gym or pool based, available at various locations in Torbay. As I was a little nervous, my health trainer accompanied me to my first few sessions. I have almost finished the course now and regularly attend a weekly exercise class at my local leisure centre.

6 months on I am able to care for my relative, feel I can control my anxiety and stress. I have really taken a responsibility for my own health and well being and would recommend the Health Trainer service to anyone. I cannot recommend the Health Trainer service highly enough.

Throughout all of this my health trainer has been there for me, in person or at the other end of the telephone. My health trainer has supported, motivated and listened to me. The service she has provided has enabled me to get my life back on track and continue to care.

Sadie’s story

This video is aimed at service users who are perhaps considering working with the Trust’s Health Trainer Service but would like to find out more. We also hope this may prove useful to other Health Professionals wishing to learn more about the Health Trainer Service.

The video focuses on a lady called Sadie. Sadie’s daughter is a Young Adult Carer and she has been Sadie’s main carer for the last ten years since she was 11 years old. Sadie was aware that she had gradually become increasingly housebound and was fearful that she was beginning to develop agoraphobia. She felt low in confidence and self-esteem. As a result, Sadie decided that she would like support from the Trust’s Health Trainer to increase her confidence of leaving the house and to become more active – socially and physically.

Sadie talks about what it was like to be supported by the Health Trainer Service and how she has benefited as a result.

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This information was kindly supplied by Stephanie Romiszewski of the Sleepy Head Clinic

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