Supervisors of Midwives

Who are Supervisors of Midwives?

Supervisors of Midwives are experienced midwives who have undertaken additional education and training to support and guide midwives and mothers. They make sure that the care midwives give is right for women, babies and their families, and will meet their needs.

The Torbay team of Supervisors of Midwives includes midwives from a variety of backgrounds including education and management. However our experience is grounded firmly in clinical practice. We support and promote safe, high quality midwifery care for women and babies.

How can Supervisors of Midwives help you?

  • We offer support and guidance to women & their families who are using our services
  • We encourage the involvement of women and their families in the planning of maternity services
  • We work in partnership with midwives and women to explore options in maternity care
  • We will listen to and advocate regarding any concerns and offer an unbiased and impartial view to enable you to make decisions.
  • We aim to create an environment that facilitates effective communication between mothers and midwives about the care they receive.
  • We help protect the public by promoting safe practice and can investigate concerns of health, competence or misconduct of midwives.

Further information can be found in the leaflet ‘Supervisors of Midwives: How they can help you‘.

South Devon Maternity Voices acts as a voice for parents using our local maternity service. They can provide feedback to local maternity services about new parents experiences of care before, during and after the birth of their baby. You can contact the MSLC via Facebook:!/SDMSLC or via our contact form.

Useful information regarding pregnancy, labour and newborn babies can be found at:

How can you contact a Supervisor of Midwives?

A Supervisor of Midwives can be contacted 24 hours per day via Delivery Suite on 01803 654631, during normal working hours on 01803 654646 or via our contact form.

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