Revised Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire (RISQ)

The physiotherapy service across South Devon is implementing the use of the Revised Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire (RISQ) across all of its departments. The RISQ was first developed and evaluated as the Impact of Symptoms Questionnaire (IoSQ) as a consequence of realising that physiotherapists were not routinely using outcome or screening questionnaires with all of their patients. Staff were also not routinely recording in patients’ notes any broader impact of a health problem on their function and quality of life.

Many discussions with staff resulted in the development of the IoSQ (Knott & Frampton, 2013). This was then trialled in a physiotherapy department which was naive to its development which identified that patients engaged with it well and both patients and staff felt that it had potential for helping to identify, explore and record the functional, psychological and social impact of a health problem (Knott, 2013).

Local Commissioners have subsequently requested the development of a patient-centred approach to monitor treatment progress, and to communicate this effectively with GPs and secondary care providers: it was felt that the IoSQ had the potential to be part of this and so was modified, to become the RISQ. As part of the development of the patient-held records, the level of engagement with the RISQ and it’s clinical value has been evaluated (Knott & Hunt, 2014).

From this page, it is possible to access:

TitleDate published
Information leaflet for using the RISQ4 Feb 2015
RISQ first appointment4 Feb 2015
RISQ follow up and final appointment4 Feb 2015

It is important to note that the RISQ has not been validated for measuring change, but it is hoped that this will be a future project. If you would like further information, please contact Dr Linda Knott, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pain Management.

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