What happens next?

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We are asking for a once in a lifetime investment in Torbay and South Devon. This means that we need to make a strong case for the investment. As the investment will come from public monies, there is a formal process we need to follow which includes three stages of approval before we are able to formally secure the funding.

  • Strategic Outline Case (Summer 2021) will provide a broad overview of the project and indicative costs/design of the new systems and hospital infrastructure
  • Outline Business Case (Summer 2022) this element of the process provides all the detail of the preferred option in terms of cost, design and workforce implications
  • Full Business Case (Autumn 2023) the final stage will provide the final tendered costs of the project and once approved will allow for construction / system implementation to commence.
  • Construction – Once the Full Business Case is approved and the investment secured, we anticipate that construction will take place from 2023 until 2028.

We have now finalised our strategic outline case for the investment we are seeking. This was signed off by our Board of Directors and submitted to NHS England and Improvement in July. Once approved at a national level, we will move on to developing our Outline Business Case.

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