Ear, Nose and Throat leaflets

Ear, Nose and Throat and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Adult Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment2 Jul 2018
Adult Hearing Aid Review Appointment2 Jul 2018
Adult Hearing Assessment2 Jul 2018
Advice and Common Problems21 Sep 2018
Appointments and Repairs16 Jun 2017
Attending the Balance Clinic6 Jul 2018
Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Appointment23 Jul 2018
Charging for lost or damaged hearing aids13 Jul 2018
Child hearing aid review appointment2 Mar 2017
Earmould Impression appointment6 Jul 2018
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery1 Dec 2014
Glue Ear and Your Child28 Apr 2017
Hearing Assessment and Fitting Appointment2 Jul 2018
Hearing Assessment for your Child2 Mar 2017
Hearing Test Appointment2 Jul 2018
How our ears work21 Sep 2018
Joint Head and Neck Oncology Clinic11 Dec 2015
Making the most of your hearing aid21 Sep 2018
Mastoid Surgery4 Oct 2016
Nasal Douching and How To Take Your Nasal Medication14 Nov 2014
Nasal Surgery General Advice14 Nov 2014
Neck Lump Clinic11 Oct 2017
Nose Bleeds14 Nov 2014
Nose Bleeds and Nasal Pack15 Jan 2014
Otitis Externa (Infection of the ear canal)2 Jul 2018
Otoacoustic Emissions appointment information5 Mar 2012
Septoplasty and Turbinate Surgery23 Sep 2016
Soft Palate and Tongue Exercises4 Oct 2016
Speech Test appointment information2 Mar 2017
Stapedotomy4 Oct 2016
Trial Hearing Aid for your child20 Apr 2018
Tympanometry5 Mar 2012
Types of hearing loss21 Sep 2018
What to expect from your hearing aid21 Sep 2018
Where to get batteries16 Jun 2017

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