Head and Neck leaflets

Head and Neck and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Acupuncture for Xerostomia (dry mouth): Patient Information About11 Dec 2015
After Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer - What Happens Next?1 Feb 2016
Care of the skin during and after Radiotherapy to the head and neck12 May 2017
Constipation16 Sep 2016
Dry Mouth16 Sep 2016
Glossectomy23 Jul 2018
Having your Head & Neck Surgery in Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital8 May 2018
Head & Neck Nurse Specialist working at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust11 Dec 2015
Head and Neck Dietetic Service24 May 2019
Head and Neck Lump Clinic29 Jul 2019
Head and Neck Oncology Pre-Treatment Assessment Clinic23 Jul 2018
Healthcare travel costs scheme: Information for cancer patients on low income attending hospital for appointments or treatment16 Nov 2018
How do cancers grow and spread?13 Jun 2017
Human Papilloma (HPV) Oropharynx Cancer6 Aug 2018
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Patients11 Dec 2015
Joint Head and Neck Oncology Clinic11 Dec 2015
Lip and Oral Cavity Cancer11 Dec 2015
Low Iodine Diet12 Nov 2018
Lymphoedema: Head and Neck23 Jul 2018
Making of Radiotherapy Treatment Masks for head and neck cancer patients11 Jan 2019
Mandibular resection17 Dec 2017
Mastoid Surgery4 Oct 2016
Maxillectomy17 Dec 2017
Metastatic Cancer in the Neck with Occult Primary: Patient Information about16 May 2013
Nasal Sinus and Nasal Cavity cancer11 Dec 2015
Nasopharyngeal Cancer11 Dec 2015
Nausea and Vomiting16 Sep 2016
Neck Dissection11 Dec 2015
Neck Dissection: Exercises following a23 Jul 2018
Nutrition and the Teeth for Patients receiving Radiotherapy to the Head and Neck29 Jul 2019
Oral (mouth) Biopsy11 Dec 2015
Oropharyngeal Cancer1 Feb 2016
Otitis Externa (Infection of the ear canal)2 Jul 2018
PET CT Scanning: Information About9 Aug 2019
Post Treatment Assessment Clinic11 Dec 2015
Salivary Gland Cancer11 Dec 2015
Septoplasty and Turbinate Surgery23 Sep 2016
Soft Diet due to Chewing and/or Swallowing Difficulties16 Sep 2016
Sore Mouth16 Sep 2016
South Devon Laryngectomee Club: Information for patients about9 Jun 2015
Speech & Language Therapy Service (Macmillan) - Head and Neck Oncology12 May 2017
Taking care of yourself and your wound after facial skin surgery in the Oral and Maxillofacial Department14 Jul 2017
Taking Thyroxine after treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer6 Mar 2018
Taste Changes16 Sep 2016
Tracheostomy: Advice for Patients having a23 Jul 2018
Tracheostomy: Care of your23 Jul 2018
Transoral Laser Resection2 Jul 2018
Visiting Patients in Hospital: Information about23 Jul 2018
Voice Prosthesis: Care of your3 Mar 2015

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