Neurology leaflets

Neurology and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Amitriptyline in Headache13 Nov 2017
Community Neuro Rehabilitation Team Leaflet27 May 2018
EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies - Clinical Neurophysiology15 Jan 2014
Flunarizine5 Mar 2018
Greater Occipital Nerve Injection, Information for patient having14 Jul 2017
Headache Diary14 Jul 2017
Headache, vitamins or supplements that help with1 Sep 2017
Lumbar Puncture13 Oct 2017
Medication overuse Headache13 Oct 2017
Migraine Sufferers, Lifestyle changes for14 Jul 2017
Movement Disorder's Team19 Apr 2016
Myasthenia Gravis1 Oct 2013
TIA Clinic Patient Information20 Oct 2017
Topiramate (Topamax) in Migraine Attacks13 Nov 2017
Triptan medicines for treating migraine or cluster headaches1 Oct 2018
What is an EEG?15 Jan 2014

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