Speech and Language Therapy leaflets

Speech and Language Therapy and related information leaflets.

TitleDate published
Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service19 Oct 2018
Cygnet Programme - Information for parents, carers and professionals with autism aged 9 to 14 years8 May 2018
Hearing Impairment; Information for families of children with14 Jul 2017
How to help your child who sometimes stammers/stutters9 Jun 2015
NAS EarlyBird - Early intervention in Autism8 May 2018
NAS EarlyBird Plus - Early intervention in Autism8 May 2018
Speech & Language Therapy Service (Macmillan) - Head and Neck Oncology12 May 2017
Speech and Language Therapy for children with complex needs - Keep in touch leaflet12 Nov 2018
Three Way Interaction for Children with Autism - Playing together with toys12 Oct 2015

This information can be made available in other formats. If you need it in: Large print, Braille, Audio, a language other than English, Total Communication format (for people with a learning difficulty), please contact the Accessible Information Service on 0300 456 8373 or via our contact form.

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