Media relations

The Trust’s Communications Team is responsible for producing a range of information for the general public, staff and the media about the Trust’s work, standards and services. Please see publications and press releases.

Media enquiries

All media enquiries should be directed to the Communications Team on 01803 654286 or via email. We will ensure that enquiries are dealt with quickly and appropriately.

The team is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and is based at Hengrave House, Torbay Hospital, Lowes Bridge, Torquay, TQ2 7AA.

Out-of-hours media enquiries – The Trust operates an out-of-hours media service for urgent calls only. It should only be used if queries cannot wait until normal office hours. If you are calling out-of-hours, please contact the hospital’s switchboard on 0300 456 8000 who will direct your call to an appropriate member of staff.

Condition checks

We can only provide a condition check if we have been provided with the correct spelling of the patient’s name and/or their exact address or date of birth. This is to ensure that we have identified the correct patient. We will not release information to the media about any staff member or patient without consent of the individual concerned.

Photography and filming

We welcome requests for filming at our sites and will do our best to accommodate them. However, there are some areas where photography and filming will not be allowed as we have a duty to protect the confidentiality of our patients.

Permission to film or take photographs – If you would like to film or take photographs at our sites you must obtain permission from the Trust’s Communication Team first. Anyone who is found filming or taking photographs at our hospital without permission will be asked to leave immediately, and footage and photographs may be confiscated.

Major incidents

Should a major incident occur, the Trust has plans in place for the media including regular updates, opportunities for interview and (if appropriate) any permissions for filming of photography.

Freedom of Information requests

For guidance on submitting a Freedom of Information request please visit our Freedom of Information pages.