NHS staff pledge to make their change

5 March 2014

This week NHS staff working at Torbay Hospital and within the community throughout Torbay and South Devon made their pledge to change one thing, as part of national NHS Change Day.

The aim of the day was to encourage health and social care staff to make a pledge to change one thing that would improve patient care. All staff were asked to make their pledge either online or by visiting one of the sites where a pledge tree was based. This included Torbay Hospital’s Bayview restaurant and Newton Abbot Community Hospital. The aim nationally was to get over 500,000 pledges from NHS staff.

The theme for NHS change day locally was ‘Hello, my name is…’, which encouraged staff to remember to share their name with patients, clients and relatives to help them fell more at easy and personalise the care being given.

Jane Viner, Director of Nursing, Professional Practice & Peoples Experience at Torbay Hospital said: “In the NHS change is part of all of our roles but this often involves changing things on a large scale, such as, the processes that we follow or implementing entirely new ways of working. This means we can often lose sight of the small things that truly make a difference to patient care.

“It has been fantastic to see the amount of pledges that have been made by local NHS staff to improve patient care as part of NHS change Day.”

Dr Bob Brown, Director of Nursing and Professional Practice at Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust said: “The smallest of changes are often those with the most impact. The event encouraged all our staff to just take a minute and think about some of the changes they could make, be they revolutionary or little tweaks to their day to day routine which could enhance a person’s experience.”

The first NHS Change Day took place last year on 13 March and saw a national total of 189,000 pledges, all of which successfully harnessed the passion, drive, commitment and innovation that we see every single day from staff. This year local NHS staff made over 280 pledges, some of the pledges made included staff pledging to:

  • put the patient at the heart of what we do every day;
  • ensuring that well- being at work is on the agenda at every team meeting
  • to smile at everyone I meet in the corridor
  • offer lunchtime readings to elderly patients on Cheetham Hill Ward
  • to understand what other teams do, and what challenges they face, so I can try and help them

All of the pledges have been shared with national team as part of NHS change day.

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