Access centre rated highly by patients

Published: 9 July 2014

A recent patient satisfaction survey has shown top results for Torbay Hospital’s Patient Access Centre.

Some of the highlights from the survey included an outstanding 100 per cent of respondents confirming that the person who spoke to them was well-mannered and 98 per cent being satisfied with the service overall.

The Patient Access Centre handles all calls regarding out-patient appointments including issuing appointment letters for most specialties. It was established in 2011 to improve the patient experience, bring trained skilled staff together under one roof and have a standard process to handle bookings, supported by sophisticated computer systems.

The success of the Patient Access Centre is clearly demonstrated in the results of the survey, with over 90 per cent saying that the time taken for their call to be answered was acceptable. Calls now coming into the Access Centre are answered on average in 28 seconds – prior to establishment of the centre in 2011 patients often waited anything up to an hour to have their call answered.

Marked improvements were shown in the results to every question asked in this latest survey in comparison to the last survey carried out in 2011.

Another highlight showed in the replies to the question about whether the caller’s query was answered to their satisfaction; a result of over 93 per cent in comparison with 73 per cent in 2011.

Patient Access Centre Manager, Dave Crompton, said: “Whilst these results are encouraging, we know that we have more to do in a couple of areas, particularly around choice of appointment times and the centre’s opening hours. We have already started a range of projects, including using new technologies, to help provide an even better service for our patients.”

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