Update: Car parking – extra 95 patient and visitor spaces available from Monday 25 July

15 July 2016

The Trust’s car parking improvement plan to see an increase in the region of 200 car parking spaces is progressing as planned. These plans include an increase in disabled parking bays for Blue Badge holders, additional drop-off bays, improved motorcycling and cycling facilities as well as improved access and infrastructure.

As part of these improvement plans, existing car parks on Torbay Hospital’s site will change in designation from ‘Staff use’ to ‘Patient and Visitor use’ from Monday 25 July 2016.

The following staff car parks will change to patient and visitor car parking from 25 July:

  • Farmhouse Tavern (to be renamed Car Park D for Patient and Visitor Use)
  • Haytor Car Park (to be renamed Car Park E for Patient and Visitor Use)

More information about patient and visitor car parking on Torbay Hospital’s site.

Staff parking surveys show existing staff car parks are at good capacity with vacant spaces on a daily basis throughout the main Torbay Hospital site and Annexe site. We are therefore confident that we can absorb these changes to our onsite parking with minimal disruption.

The development of the new staff car park at Cadewell Lane is well underway with an anticipated completion date of Autumn 2016. This car park will provide an additional 78 spaces for staff permit holders.

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