Become a volunteer Way Finder at Torbay Hospital and help people find their way

Published: 3 July 2017

Torbay Hospital is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to become ‘Way Finders’ at the hospital, helping visitors to find their way around the site.

The Way Finder service was created to help visitors to navigate their way around the large hospital site – helping them attend appointments on time, or visit friends and relatives without the stress of getting lost.

The service was originally a temporary initiative, however it proved so popular with visitors, it became a permanent feature. One patient said: “what a fantastic help it was. It reduced our stress levels about potentially being late for our appointment and getting lost. He [the Way Finder] was a really helpful, polite person who got us to MRI straight away with no fuss.”

Ros Banfield, Employability Officer stated: “The Way Finder service has now been running for over a year. Since it began, we have found it to be of great benefit to patients, visitors and indeed staff.

“Feedback has also been really positive from those that have volunteered. Many have gained in confidence, the team have helped them develop customer service skills and some have even reported health benefits, including increased fitness and weight loss.”

To volunteer as a Way Finder you need to be over 16 and physically fit, approachable and friendly. No previous experience is required as full Way Finder training will be given, along with training on the tablet devices used to navigate the site and a full tour of the hospital.

If you would like to know more about this scheme, or would like to become a volunteer Way Finder, please visit our Volunteering page. Or contact Volunteering services on 01803 210519, or via email at Volunteer Services