Local NHS Trust leads the way in use of innovative software to speed access to patient information

Published: 28 July 2017

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust is one of the first trusts in the UK to use new innovative software that completely transforms the way clinicians and support staff access patient information.

The HealthShare software creates a ‘Clinical Portal’, pulling essential patient information from a number of different IT systems used by the Trust, into one easy to access dashboard. The Portal collects information from: electronic health records, pathology results, operational notes, radiology reports, Inpatient/outpatient information and accident and emergency attendance summaries.

The Portal also provides clinicians with a single access point to view important patient information; rather than having to log in, or search through, multiple systems for the information they need.

The Portal also benefits patients, as it means their important health information is easy for clinicians involved in their care to access, no matter where they are in the trust, ensuring they only have to tell their story once.

Dr Parag K Thaware, Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes, who was one of the early users of the Portal said: “I have routinely used the Clinical Portal for the past six months and now find it indispensable in routine clinical care. It allows you to obtain a patient’s information from multiple systems with a single log in. With the use of a mobile device (iPad), I have also found the Portal useful directly at the bedside, as well as other situations such as in team meetings.”

The Clinical Portal was designed and created by IT solutions specialists InterSystems, who installed and developed the Portal, working in partnership with the Trust’s Health Informatics Services (HIS) unit.

Mike Green, Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon and Chief Clinical Information Officer, who has lead the project since the beginning, stated: “We have worked very closely with InterSystems over the last 12 months to adapt and develop the Portal to fit the needs of Trust, whilst ensuring the data it takes from our various IT systems is accurate and timely.

“We are still developing the Portal, as there are a number of other essential IT systems, holding patient data which we would like to include in the future. For example, obtaining clinical data directly from the GP’s database would help us improve the flow of patient information seamlessly between primary and secondary care.”

Mark Palmer, Country Manager for the UK and Ireland at InterSystems, commented: “The sharing of information is vital for healthcare teams to deliver informed care in any setting. HealthShare makes information sharing simple, quick and effective. In Torbay and South Devon, HealthShare is playing an increasingly important role in bringing together the health and social care community. We are proud that our system is a key part of Torbay and South Devon’s integrated vision that will deliver for patients now and in the future.”