Staff Hero Awards winners – September 2017

Staff Hero Awards

Published: 12 September 2017

Our third Staff Heroes Awards presentation was held in the Bayview Restaurant on Tuesday 12 September 2017. Certificates were presented to award winning staff by Chief Executive Mairead McAlinden, Chairman Sir Richard Ibbotson and the Trust Executive Directors.

The Staff Hero Awards are a way of recognising the hard work and commitment of our staff and to publicly say thank you to them in the workplace and then share that award on our internal and external websites.

The nominations were judged by members of the Foundation Trust Governors, and we’d like to thank them for their help.

  • Cathy French, Publicly Elected Lead Governor
  • David Parsons, Publicly Elected Governor
  • Wendy Marshfield, Publicly Elected Governor
  • April Hopkins, Staff Governor

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  • Angie Abbot
  • Anne Conway
  • Annie Horsey
  • Becky Smith
  • Becky Woodland
  • Chris Easterbrook
  • Dan Stuart
  • Debbie Rhodes
  • Dylan Cooper
  • Elizabeth Ginn
  • Faye Tonepohl
  • Guy Boosey
  • Helen Thatcher
  • Helen Webber
  • Izzy Warren
  • Jackie Bell
  • Jackie Walker
  • Jacqui Carne
  • Janette Thornsby
  • Jennifer Dummett
  • Jo Smith
  • Judith Simmons
  • Laura Balcombe
  • Lewis Newbould
  • Lisa Houlihan
  • Lucy Armitage
  • Marcia Doherty
  • Mike Rumney
  • Netia Matthews
  • Nigel Turner
  • Phillipa Hiles
  • Preceios Brindley
  • Rachel Nolan
  • Richard Evans
  • Sam Hawkings-Jones
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Sharon Oakley
  • Steve Bearne
  • Su Stewart
  • Taryna Allen
  • Tim Weller

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