Carer Recognition Campaign

Published: 23 November 2017

Do you work with members of the public who might look after or help a family member or friend? Anything from accompanying them to appointments, to helping with finances or medication, to providing personal care.

Maybe you do this for a relative who is getting frailer, by calling them regularly or visiting them on your way home or at weekends.

Join us in Devon and Torbay’s campaign to identify those unpaid Carers.

Although we already support about 24,000 unpaid Carers across Torbay and Devon, we know that roughly three out of four people who care for someone in this way (not as ordinary parenting or voluntary or paid work) are not getting all the information, advice or support that they need.

From emergency back-up plans, to advice about benefits and work, to free parking at local hospitals when supporting the person they care for, to free training in caring and staying well, there is much, much more support than most people realise.

So, can you help us? Starting on Carers Rights Day, this Friday November 24th, we are asking you to join us in finding those people who don’t realise that they are a Carer or don’t realise that there is support.

Across Torbay and Devon, we are launching a Carer Recognition Tool for staff to wear on their lanyard behind their ID badge, to help them identify Carers and refer them on for support. It has a few simple questions:

  • Do you look after someone?
  • If so, are you looking after yourself?…
  • Do you have all the help and support that you need?…
  • Is your health, and that of the person that you look after, stable?

If a Carer says no to any of those last three questions, then it is really important that they get some support by ringing Carers services. In addition to the usual numbers for Torbay Carers or Devon Carers, there is one easy-to-remember phone number which anyone can ring to access the appropriate support. It is 0300 500 40 43.

Join the growing list of organisations and individuals who are supporting the campaign.

  • Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Devon County Council
  • South Devon and Torbay, and NEW Devon CCGs
  • Torbay Council
  • Torbay Carers Service
  • Devon Carers
  • Devon Fire and Rescue
  • Devon Partnership Trust
  • Mears
  • Bluebird Care
  • Home Instead
  • Age UK Torbay

To join the campaign or to order materials, please contact Torbay Carers on 01803 208455 or email Signposts.