Staff Hero Awards winners – December 2017

Staff Hero Awards

Published: 19 December 2017

Our Staff Heroes Awards presentation was held in the Bayview Restaurant on Tuesday 19 December 2017. Certificates were presented to award winning staff by Chief Executive Mairead McAlinden, Chairman Sir Richard Ibbotson and the Trust Executive Directors.

The Staff Hero Awards are a way of recognising the hard work and commitment of our staff and to publicly say thank you to them in the workplace and then share that award on our internal and external websites.

The nominations were judged by members of the Foundation Trust Governors, and we’d like to thank them for their help.

  • Wendy Marshfield, Publicly Elected Governor
  • Anna Pryor, Staff Governor
Peter Brewer with Chief Nurse Jane Viner Louise Homeyard with CEO Mairead McAlinden Rachel Pawley with Director of Finance Paul Cooper Barbara Hughes with CEO Mairead McAlinden Angel Luther with Director of Strategy and Improvement Ann Wagner Karen Stone with Director of Strategy and Improvement Ann Wagner Staff from Theatre C and Main Recovery, and Surgical Admissions Violet Wills with CEO Mairead McAlinden Cheryl Clark, Sarah Levio, Sandra Mackie and Richard Collings with Director of Finance Paul Cooper Jean Pattinson and Hayley Spencer with CEO Mairead McAlinden Maureen Warren with Medical Director Rob Dyer Steven Jack and Emma Scott from Newton Abbot MIU with Medical Director Rob Dyer Peggy Lewis with Chief Nurse Jane Viner Staff from the Endoscopy Service Karlia Howard with COO Liz Davenport Cheryl Hoole with COO Liz Davenport Jane Gagg, Judith Hurley and Richard Johnston with  Director of Strategy and Improvement Ann Wagner

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  • Andrey Varvinskiy
  • Andy Simpson
  • Angel Luther
  • Barbara Hughes
  • Cheryl Clark
  • Cheryl Hoole
  • Dan Stuart
  • Doctors, Nurses and Hotel Services ICU
  • Ella Rowcroft
  • Emily Hoile
  • Endoscopy Team, Nurses and Reception
  • Gurpeet Pandher
  • Hayley Spencer
  • Jane Gagg
  • Jean Pattison
  • Jeanette Land
  • Judith Hurley
  • Karen Stone
  • Karlia Howard
  • Kathleen Lund
  • Louise Homeyard
  • Lower Limb Service Newton Abbott
  • Lynne Fryer
  • Mark Puckett
  • Maureen Warren
  • Newton Abbott MIU
  • Outpatients Fracture Clinic
  • Pat Taylor
  • Peggy Lewis
  • Peter Brewer
  • Podiatry Foot and Ankle MSK and Admin Team
  • Rachel Pawley
  • Richard Johnston
  • Sarah Levio
  • Simon Barnes
  • Surgical Admissions Violet Wills (SAVW)
  • Theatre C Staff and Main Recovery
  • Vicki Parkin
  • Wilmie Betts