New breastfeeding master classes launched

New breastfeeding master classes launched

Published: 10 April 2018

Torbay Hospital has launched a new breastfeeding master class for mums to be.

The sessions are free and they are run by midwives. Mothers who are or have breastfeed are also on hand to answer questions that people may have.

Rebecca Garside, Midwife and Infant Feeding Specialist at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust said: “Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most natural, beautiful and beneficial things that a mother and baby can do together but like anything new it can be daunting and raise lots of questions.

“These classes are designed to support pregnant women and their partners, grandparents or even friends who want to know more. It will give them all the knowledge they need to be fully informed and feel confident about feeding.

“We are really lucky in Torbay and lots of support is available for breastfeeding mothers but this is really about arming mums with all the information they need prior to their babies arriving.

“Having our volunteer mothers on hand also means that there is an opportunity to talk to other mothers who have fed their babies.”

The classes will focus on baby feeding cues, how to position your baby to breastfeed, how to recognise your baby is getting enough milk, as well as common problems and how to overcome them. They are also a really good opportunity to meet other parents to be.

Classes will run on a monthly basis and details can be found on our website. To book or find out more please use our contact form or ring 01803 656275. Mothers can attend at any stage of pregnancy.

The next class is 25th April, 5-6pm, Women’s’ Health Unit Parentcraft room level 4 Torbay Hospital.