Staff Heroes Awards winners – June 2018

Staff Hero Awards

Published: 26 June 2018

Our Staff Heroes Awards presentation was held in the Bayview Restaurant on Tuesday 26 June 2018. Certificates were presented to award winning staff by Chairman Sir Richard Ibbotson and the Trust Executive Directors.

The Staff Hero Awards are a way of recognising the hard work and commitment of our staff and to publicly say thank you to them in the workplace and then share that award on our internal and external websites.

The nominations were judged by members of the Foundation Trust Governors, and we’d like to thank them for their help.

Corinna Preston and Jamie Whitaker with Interim CEO Liz Davenport Debbie Bourne with Director of Strategy and Improvement Ann Wagner Tara Hutton Staff from the Newton Abbot Hospital Admin Support Team with Interim COO John Harrison Kathy Murphy and colleagues with Director of Strategy and Improvement Ann Wagner Michael Hawley with Interim CEO Liz Davenport and Chairman Sir Richard Ibbotson Karen Cutjar-Woodall with Director of Finance Paul Cooper

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  • Admin Support Team, Newton Abbot Hospital
  • Alex Thornton
  • Alice Miller
  • Amanda Bray and Michaela Adams
  • Anina Hamilton
  • Antonia Boarer
  • Breast Histopathology Service Relocation Project Team
  • Corinna Preston and Jamie Whitaker
  • Debbie Bourne
  • Dr Jo Sykes
  • Dr Nicole Dorey
  • Emily Clements
  • Glen Lush
  • Glenn Parton
  • Hayley Ching
  • Heather Matthews
  • Helen Broom
  • James Hartley
  • Jane Farnham, Jean Sloan, Sharon McCullock, Margaret Bond
  • Jo Holman and Ali Cornwall
  • Joe Taylor
  • Karen Cutajar-Woodall
  • Kathy Murphy
  • Laura Beale
  • Louise Billsberry, Faye Martin, Maggie Traynor, Nikki Shaw, Miss G Pandher
  • Louise Donovan
  • Michael Hawley
  • Michael NG
  • Mr Raju Ramesh
  • Pat Searle, Sue Dolan and Outpatients
  • Pat Taylor
  • Rebecca Hodge
  • Serena Williams
  • Shaun Minto
  • Sheila Simmons
  • Shyam Singam
  • Stephen Pearse
  • Stuart Waymouth
  • Tara Hutton
  • Team CCU
  • Team CT