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More physio space for Dartmouth Clinic

Dartmouth Clinic

Published: 22 October 2018

Work is due to start on 5 November to expand the physiotherapy space at Dartmouth Clinic. The £37,500 project, which is expected to take six weeks, will deliver a new gym space and three full treatment cubicles, rather than the two existing small treatment bays. This will mean the small team of two physiotherapists and their assistant can offer more appointments, including running new clinics for children, as well as outpatient and stroke rehabilitation.

The local physiotherapy service moved to Dartmouth Clinic when Dartmouth Hospital closed, and since that time, physiotherapy activity has increased In the year ended March 2016, 2,090 patients were seen by the Dartmouth physiotherapy team, and by March 2018, that number had increased to 3,460 – a rise of 65%.

Head of Therapies, Vicki Sheen, commented: “The move to Dartmouth Clinic was originally intended to be for six months pending the creation of a new Health and Wellbeing Centre. However, we are now looking at 2020/21 before the new centre is ready, and the current facilities aren’t suitable for the number of people we’re supporting. As well as expanding the facilities available to us in Dartmouth, we will also be improving soundproofing to better protect patient privacy. There will inevitably be some disruption whilst works are underway, but our contractors will work hard to keep this to a minimum.”

Dartmouth Clinic will remain open whilst works are carried out, although some physiotherapy appointments will be re-arranged to take place in Totnes or Brixham.