Congratulations to all the dedicated staff that were awarded a Staff Heroes Award in December

Staff Hero Awards

Published: 13 February 2020

Our latest batch of winners came together for a ceremony in the Bayview restaurant at Torbay Hospital, to receive their certificates and recognition for their hard work.

Certificates were presented to the winners by our Chairman, Sir Richard Ibbotson; supported by several members of our Executive team.

Please join us in congratulating all of our fantastic team members who received their awards on the day!

Nominations for our next set of awards are now open, so if you know of anyone who deserves to be celebrated for what they do, let us know by filling in the nomination form.

Katy Heard with Leslie Darke, Director of Estates and Commercial Development Dr Siba Paul with Leslie Darke, Director of Estates and Commercial Development Payroll and Pensions Luis Costa with Liz Davenport, Chief Executive Cheryl Bloxidge with Liz Davenport, Chief Executive Alison Carr with Liz Davenport, Chief Executive Firoozeh Curran and Melanie Ford with Judy Falcão, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development Sarah Tregea and Jessica Davey with Judy Falcão, Director of Workforce and Organisational Development Tracy Furse Liam Dawson Julian Wright and Sarah Burns with Sir Richard Ibbotson and Liz Davenport, Chief Executive John Deans with Sir Richard Ibbotson

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The winners are:

  • Ainslie Ward and Fracture Clinic
  • Alex Alen
  • Alison Carr
  • Alison Thom
  • Bianca Hulance
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • Carol Coats
  • Charlotte Carver
  • Cheri Rosenberg
  • Cheryl Bloxidge
  • Donna Cooke
  • Emma Mann
  • Enya Monaghan
  • Firoozeh Curran and Community Dental Team
  • Gemma Kilpatrick
  • Gill Portman & Amanda Bond
  • Helen Thomson
  • Heather Bunting
  • Health Navigators and Digital Horizons
  • Hollie Roberts
  • Holly Hayman
  • Hutchings Day Unit
  • Jane Fowler
  • Jason O’Connor
  • Jessica Davey
  • Joanna Matthews
  • John Deans
  • John Mills
  • Julie Snape
  • Karen Berry
  • Kate Sidebottom
  • Katy Heard
  • Keeley Smith
  • Laura and Heather
  • Laura Maasey
  • Liam Dawson
  • Lucy Brewer
  • Luis Costa
  • Lyn Richards
  • Mandy Doe
  • Mandy Lee
  • Melanie Ford
  • Moya Walsh
  • Nicoletta Chirita
  • Norrms and Elaine McNamara
  • EAU 3 Nursing Team
  • Operational Finance
  • Paeds ED
  • Payroll and Pension Team
  • Peter Bone
  • Rachel Paull, Leila Smith
  • Reception
  • Recruitment Team
  • Responsive Feeding Group
  • Resuscitation Team and Paul Smith
  • Rossel Cultipa
  • Sally Martin
  • Sarah Burns and Julian Wright
  • Sarah Tregea
  • SCBU – Emma Skeet, Tracy Parsons, Caroline Aplin
  • Shaun Mallen
  • Shona Walton
  • Siba Paul
  • Susannah Smith
  • Suzanne Hill
  • Tim Copper
  • Tracy Furse
  • Union House
  • Vivian Allwood
  • Wendy
  • William Knight