Acute Surgical Unit (ASU) opens

Published: 1 July 2020

We are delighted to announce that the new Acute Surgical Unit (ASU) has opened at Torbay Hospital on Level 5.

The ASU treats patients who have an urgent problem which needs assessment, help and input from the surgical clinical multi-disciplinary team. The majority of ASU patients will be able to go home straight from the unit without the need for an overnight stay on a surgical ward. Some patients may be admitted to a surgical ward for further assessment and treatment.

Referrals can be made to the ASU team by three possible routes:

  • By the patient’s GP, or
  • By the Emergency Department team, or
  • By the patient’s clinician from an outpatient appointment.

The ASU is open seven days per week, with the last patient admission to the unit at 6pm.

Mr Kirk Bowling, Consultant surgical lead for the ASU , said: “Having an assessment unit for surgery brings us in line with every other trust in the country and allows us an excellent platform from which to build better emergency care for surgical patients.

“Encompassing and building on the 700 patients given the ability to walk with or without assisting devices successfully already by the team over ten months, has enabled patients to not be in hospital waiting for certain surgery and scans; protecting patients, freeing up resources and improving the patient journey.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter for emergency surgical care.”

Unit Manager, Natalie Armstrong, said: “We are delighted to open the ASU and offer an urgent pathway for patients needing surgical assessment and treatment at Torbay Hospital.

“The health, care and wellbeing of our patients is our top priority and our experienced team is looking forward to supporting ASU patients and their families and carers.”