Car parking charges for patients and visitors

Published: 24 August 2020

As the Government moves to restore some normality to society and many of our healthcare services resume across Devon, health providers have agreed now it is the right time to reintroduce charges for parking as they were in March 2020, prior to lockdown starting. On Tuesday 1 September, hospitals across Devon will therefore reintroduce parking charges for patients and visitors.

Those entitled to free parking or concessions due to their condition or circumstances will continue to receive these.

Charges and concessions can be found on our website.

Over the last few months, we have made some big changes in how we deliver services with many appointments now being offered via phone and video consultations. This has meant that fewer people need to travel and use and pay for parking. We will continue to offer alternatives to face-to-face appointments, wherever it is the right approach for patients and they are happy to do so.

Whilst we understand parking charges are not popular, they are unfortunately necessary to cover the costs of providing and running car parks. As we look to reduce our waiting lists, these costs cannot be taken from funds needed for essential patient care.

Car parking charges for staff are currently being waived per Government guidance and will remain free for as long as this arrangement continues.