Pastoral Care Quality Award recognises international recruitment support

Image: Recruitment and support teams and internationally educated colleagues receive the Pastoral Care Quality Award.

Published: 10 August 2022

Earlier this year it was announced that Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust had achieved the Pastoral Care Quality Award for international recruitment support. Earlier this week, Kerrie Walters, International Recruitment Advisor at NHS England, presented the team with the award and met some of the fantastic international nurses at Torbay and South Devon.

Launched in March 2022, the NHS Pastoral Care Quality Award scheme is helping to standardise the quality and delivery of pastoral care for internationally educated nurses and midwives across England to ensure they receive high-quality pastoral support. It’s also an opportunity for trusts to recognise their work in international recruitment and demonstrate their commitment to staff wellbeing both to potential and existing employees.

As an organisation, Torbay and South Devon is committed to ensure that internationally educated nurses are supported as they become valued members of the nursing community.

This award recognises the dedication to providing international nursing colleagues with the pastoral care that they need, and the continuing commitment to them as an organisation.