Local people encouraged to take up scan appointments at Nightingale

Published: 21 September 2022

People in Torbay and South Devon who are waiting for a diagnostic scan are being urged to take up appointments offered at NHS Nightingale Exeter (Nightingale).

The Devon Diagnostic Centre at Nightingale is a Devon-wide resource providing CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound and fluoroscopy services. This complements the scanners in each NHS trust in Devon to help tackle the region’s waiting lists. Nightingale also offers a range of orthopaedic, ophthalmology and rheumatology services.

People being cared for by Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are being offered appointments for CT and MRI scans at the centre, which can often be arranged much sooner than if they were to wait for a more local appointment. This also means the trust can focus on more complex scanning that cannot be carried out at the centre.

These scans play a vital role in helping medical teams diagnose conditions and decide on a course of treatment, which is why it is important that these are arranged as soon as possible.

Vikki, from Teignmouth, recently visited Nightingale for an MRI scan: “I was referred for an MRI by the physiotherapy team and received an appointment at the Nightingale. I had a lift and it was easy to get to for me and very easy to find my way around. I didn’t have to wait and I was seen straight away.”

Aaron, who lives in Paignton, had a CT scan at the centre: “The Nightingale was convenient for me to visit as I pass it on my way to work. I registered at the desk, sat in the waiting area and was called in straight away. I was very happy to attend as it is the same, qualified professionals at the centre as there would be at Torbay Hospital and it didn’t take long to get to.”

Tim Simpson, Radiology & Imaging Directorate Manager at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Due to the pressures of the pandemic, the waiting lists for scans have grown over the last two years. The Devon Diagnostic Centre at the Nightingale is a key part of our region’s response to tackle these waiting lists and make sure that people receive an appointment as soon as possible.

“We completely understand that travelling to Exeter may not be a possibility for all local residents, but if you are offered an appointment at the Nightingale and are able to attend, we would strongly urge you to take up this opportunity. This will allow us to see people as quickly as possible.”

Appointments for these scans are still managed through the Radiology Department at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, with people being offered appointments by letter.