NHS Nursery staff do their bit for local people in need

Photo: Angie Mills (left) and Safi Soule (right)
Photo: Angie Mills (left) and Safi Soule (right)

Published: 29 November 2022

Staff at Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust’s Rainbow Nursery are collecting donations for food bank alliances to help support local people at Christmas.

Angie Mills, Room Leader, Rainbow Nursery, said: “While Christmas is a happy time for many people, for others it will be difficult. We’re not all in a position to be able to buy enough food so it’s great that there are places people can go to get what they need – we’re happy to be helping out this year.”

Tiffany McCabe, Secretary, Rainbow Nursery, said “We wanted to do something special for local people who are really struggling and do our bit to help families be able to have a nice Christmas.”

Andy Bichard, Manager, Paignton Community Larder, and spokesperson for local food bank alliances, said: “Many families across the country are likely to spend less on Christmas, and the festive season this year, as the cost-of-living crisis continues to deepen. More people are turning to food banks for the first time, and we anticipate demand will rise further. We really appreciate donations, particularly at a time when many people are struggling.”

You can find out more about donating to local food bank alliances at https://www.torbayfoodalliance.org and https://southdevonfoodalliance.adoddle.org