New wheels for phlebotomists thanks to League of Friends

Image: Members of Torbay Hospital League of Friends and the phlebotomy team pictured with the new trollies

Published: 17 February 2023

Torbay Hospital League of Friends has generously donated £39,000 to fund 10 brand new phlebotomy trolleys to improve both staff and patient experience.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust’s phlebotomists and doctors’ assistants provide a seven day a week, daytime and out of hours service around Torbay Hospital wards.

Michelle Collins, Operational Manager for Site Support Services at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, submitted a bid to the League of Friends to ask for support. Michelle said: “The old trolleys were heavy, bulky and weren’t compatible with the workload the team face today. This included the label printers not being compatible with the software, which caused delays printing the necessary labels at bedside.”

The bid was made for 10 new trolleys, along with up-to-date monitors, keyboards and blood printing labels. Since the trolleys have been in place, there has been positive feedback from staff around how efficiency has improved.

Michelle added: “These new trolleys are easier to move and have powered label printers to increase performance of the team across the hospital. They have larger monitors as well as a clinical keyboard and mouse to help ensure the correct information for samples are taken in accordance with policy.

“The team and I are extremely grateful for the support and the donations from the League of Friends.”

Roy Tuttle, Chairman of Torbay Hospital League of Friends, said: “We understood only too well that there were issues with equipment not working or not being compatible, and that blood samples and label printing was an issue. For all these reasons we were happy to donate the funds, as we know this is a valuable investment for the team and patients.”

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