Parents reminded ‘no rush to mush’ when feeding baby

Published: 15 May 2024

A new campaign is encouraging local parents not to rush into introducing babies to solid food.

Torbay Family Hubs are launching the ‘no rush to mush’ campaign, highlighting the NHS recommendation to introduce babies to solid food at around six months.

Before six months, breast or infant formula milk provides babies with all the nutrients they need. This introduction is known as complementary feeding, often called weaning, as milk feeding will continue alongside solid food.

Some shop-bought baby food is labelled as ‘suitable from four months’, but extensive research has led the NHS to recommend introducing complementary feeding from six months.

Ready-made options may appear more convenient, but fresh fruit and vegetables are often a better option for parents to know exactly what is in their baby’s food.

Parents should introduce foods that can cause allergic reactions one at a time so any allergies can be identified and supported, including eggs, milk and protein.

Gayle Parry, infant feeding lead at Torbay Family Hubs, said: “We know that parenting can be stressful and daunting at times, and that many parents are often concerned by conflicting advice. The ‘no rush to mush’ provides a range of resources and support to help with introducing your baby to solid foods.

“Torbay Family Hub is able to help advise on complementary feeding and offers a whole range of support and advice for families from pregnancy through to young people turning 19.”

If parents have any questions or concerns about starting complementary feeding, they can contact their health visitor, community nursery nurse or the team at Torbay Family Hub.