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17 November 1928

Published: 1 December 2022

The official opening of Torbay Hospital was held! The celebration event included a ceremony by Lord Mildmay of Flete, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Devon. Over 2,000 representatives from the professional, commercial and social life of Torbay were in attendance, though Ella Rowcroft was unable to attend herself due to ill health.

Photo: 1928 Hengrave House Torbay Hospital

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital's Rose Garden

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital operating theatre

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital's Ainslie ward

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital's nurse lecture room

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital's Dispensary

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital kitchen

Photo: 1928 Torbay Hospital Outpaitents waiting room