NHS Foundation Trust

We have been authorised as an NHS Foundation Trust. This means that our Board of Directors is accountable to local people, who are represented by elected members on our Governance Board.

We remain part of the NHS and subject to the same national standards and inspections.

We are monitored by an independent regulator, Monitor.

We have some financial freedoms that NHS Trusts do not.

Who can become a member?

Becoming a member just means joining our register of members. There’s no membership fee and no obligation to do anything. It’s simply about the right to be involved.

In return, each member will be:

  • supplied information about Torbay Hospital
  • sent ballot papers so they can vote in the representatives of their choice to watch over the running of Torbay Hospital
  • asked by the Trust about their views on future plans.

Almost anyone living in the South Devon area served by Torbay Hospital is eligible to become a Foundation member. You can register by simply calling the Trust’s Foundation Office on 01803 655705 and leaving your contact details.

You will then automatically have voting rights in the elections to choose representatives to sit on the Governance Board, to oversee the management of Torbay Hospital for the local community. There are very few exclusions to membership, but you must be at least 14 years old. We want our membership to be inclusive and equitable across the area we serve and across age and social groups.

Members receive regular information about healthcare issues affecting Torbay Hospital, are invited to give us their views on plans for the future development of the NHS Foundation Trust and its services, and – to make sure their views are heard – are able to vote for a member of their choice to represent their views on our Governance Board and influence who is appointed to the top jobs to run Torbay Hospital. They can even put themselves forward to be selected as a member representative, known as a governor, if they wish to.

Can I represent members?

If you are a member of the NHS Foundation Trust you have the right, if you wish, to stand for election to the Council of Governors or apply for appointment as a non-executive director – including the chair – of the NHS Foundation Trust.

Please see our Council of Governors page for more details.

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