Council of Governors

Every NHS Foundation Trust has public, staff and appointed governors to represent the views of its local people and to help the Trust shape its plans for the future.

There are 33 governor seats in total and they are elected by staff and the public or are appointed by our partner organisations, eg local authorities.

The role of the elected public governors is to represent the views of Foundation Trust members and to help shape the direction of the organisation.

They form the majority on the Trust’s Council of Governors, which has responsibility for:

  • holding the Non-Executive Directors to account;
  • overseeing the appointment, remuneration and performance monitoring of the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors of the NHS Foundation Trust;
  • approving the appointment of the Chief Executive.

The governors work with the Board of Directors (which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Trust and its strategic development) to ensure that the NHS Foundation Trust acts in a way that is consistent with its constitution and objectives and to help set the Trust’s strategic direction.

Governors also meet with people in their local community and staff governors with other Trust staff to listen to feedback and ideas and to update them on what happens at Council of Governor meetings.

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