Paignton and Brixham locality

The new Brixham day centre

Health and Wellbeing team

The health and wellbeing team, consisting of nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, are co-located at Kings Ash House in Paignton. The teams work out in the community in people’s homes but also work from Brixham Community Hospital and Paignton Health and Wellbeing Centre running clinics and services.


The health and wellbeing centre at Paignton is the main clinic hub for the town of Paignton. The centre is based in Church Street, close to the town centre and provides a whole host outpatient services. More information on the services available can be found on the Paignton Health and Wellbeing page.


In the seaside town of Brixham, there is community hospital in walking distance from the town centre. The hospital has 20 inpatient beds and runs a wide range of outpatient clinics from the bladder and bowel service to child health drop ins, for more information please see our Brixham Community Hospital page.

Latest developments

Currently, at the same site as Brixham Community Hospital an exciting new development is taking place with Brixham Hospital League of Friends, Brixham Does Care and the Trust to bring health and wellbeing services together in the same place.

The Friends Centre, which is currently under construction, will be open in the early part of 2019 and will host a new day care facility, carer support services and a range of other wellbeing services that are closely linked to the health services at the Community Hospital.

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