Carer Confident Employer

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Does someone rely on you?

We know that many people have a family member or friend who they support because of their age, disability, mental health or drug / alcohol issue. In fact, our 2021 NHS Staff Survey shows that more than 1 in 3 of Trust staff combine working with caring for someone (other than usual childcare).

Juggling work and caring can be a challenge, but the Trust is proud to be a Carer Confident Employer who supports staff Carers, even if they don’t think of themselves as ‘Carers’. We have:

  1. a Staff Carers Policy which brings the information about support to Carers into one place
  2. a Carers’ Passport that links you in to
    • support,
    • back-up planning,
    • a Carer’s Health and Wellbeing check – in work time and workplace if you wish
  3. a regular on-line forum where you can ask questions or give feedback

We are always trying to improve our support to Staff Carers, so you can get involved in saying what would work best for you. Just contact Signposts for Carers or 01803 66 66 20.

Further Information – Carer Confident Scheme

For more information about the Carer Confident Scheme, and what we had to demonstrate to achieve the Level 2 – ‘Accomplished’ – please visit their Carer Confident criteria page.