Endoscopy Training Centre and GI education

Regional Endoscopy Training and Bowel Cancer Screening Centre at Torbay Hospital

The Endoscopy Training Centre at Torbay Hospital is one of seven designated Regional Training Centres. We have the benefit of a dedicated training suite which opened in January 2004 with state of the art endoscopic equipment.

GI education

We have two Practice Educators based on Hutchings Ward who both work clinically two days a week and within their education role twice a week.

Their role is to support, develop, promote and coordinate education to all nursing staff within the speciality, this includes staff in Endoscopy, Allerton, and Hutchings wards.

Education is delivered both formally and informally and includes:

  • The Joint Advisory Group Endoscopy Training System (JETS) Workforce programme to Endoscopy Staff.
  • Four degree modules in partnership with Plymouth University; Principles of GI Nursing module, Stoma Care module and GI Endoscopy and related Procedures module, Bowel Cancer Screening Specialist Practice module.
  • Topic specific sessions guided by the training and educational needs of the nursing staff.

Contacting our Practice Educators:

  • Samantha Garner, Lead GI Practice Educator – tel: 01803 655293 or email Samantha Garner
  • Natalie Taylor GI Practice Educator – tel: 01803 655293 or email Natalie Taylor
  • This service is supported by Zara Howard- Training Administrator; tel: 01803 654826 or Zara Hackett


University of Plymouth

We run four courses in Partnership with the University of Plymouth:

Please contact us for course dates and application forms via our contact form or 01803 654826.

JETS - JAG Endoscopy Training Centre

Bookings for Endoscopy Skills courses can be made via the JAG Endoscopy Training System website www.jets.nhs.uk/torbay/

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