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We think our staff are brilliant. Every day our people and teams do amazing things to care for the people who use our services, support and look after each other, encourage their colleagues to develop and grow, to improve our working environment and to make people smile. Now’s your chance to recognise their hard work and compassion by nominating them for an award.

The Our People’s Choice Award is awarded annually. If you have received excellent care, service with a smile, kindness and understanding or exceptional service from one of our people or our teams why not nominate them for Our People’s Choice Award.

Nominations are open from January to December. Our judges will shortlist all nominations received in January and there will be a public vote to choose the winner from the shortlisted finalists. The winner will be announced at our annual celebration event in May.

Nominate for Our People’s Choice Award today.

    Your details

    Your nomination

    Why should your nominee receive this award? Please tell us in less than 300 words avoiding jargon and acronyms. For example, explain how they went the extra mile to provide brilliant care.

    Confirmation and consent

    Your data:

    • your personal data gathered in this form will only be used to contact you if the person you have nominated has been shortlisted for an award
    • we will delete the data gathered above after 12 months
    • your data will be kept secure and only accessed by those involved in the awards process
    • your data will not be shared with third parties.

    Please tick the box to confirm that you've read the above statement and that you consent to our holding, accessing and using your information as described.

    Please click the 'submit your nomination' button once. The form may take a moment to submit. A thank you message will appear below if successful and a copy of the nomination sent to you by email.

    What we do with your information

    What you should not submit via our form

    Each question within our form clearly outlines the information required from you. Please do not include further personal details about yourself or anyone else within this form other than the information specifically requested. If you would like further information, please contact our Communications Team.

    What information do we collect?

    Our award nomination form for the public asks for:

    • Your name, contact number and email address
    • The name of the person you are nominating, their contact details (or those of a relevant work colleague) and their work location
    • The reason for your nomination
    • Whether you are a partner, relative or close friend of the person or team you are nominating
    • Your permission for us to contact you
    • Whether the person or team is aware of your nomination

    How we use your information

    Your personal data collected in this form will only be used to contact you if:

    • Your nomination is not complete or has not been submitted correctly – we will contact you to see if we can help and to make sure your nomination can reach the judges
    • The person or team you have nominated has been shortlisted for, highly commended for, or won an award

    None of your personal information will be sold or shared with any third-party organisation.

    Who can access your information?

    Members of the Communications Team. This access is required to confirm your nomination and to keep an accurate record of nominations.

    How we store your information

    Your submission is sent securely via NHSmail. It is saved within our protected organisational network.

    How long we store your information for

    We will delete the data gathered above after 12 months.

    Removal of your information from our records

    You are entitled to request that we remove any personal information we have about you stored within our systems at any time. For more information on how to do this please contact our Communications Team.

    For further information please see our privacy, cookies and disclaimer page.

    For detailed information about how organisations are required to manage personal and identifiable information, see our Data Protection page.

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