Primrose Award

The Primrose Award for extraordinary Healthcare Support Workers

The Primrose Award is Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust’s dedicated recognition award for the many different healthcare support workers working across our services and organisation. The award provides an opportunity for members of the public and colleagues to express a well-deserved thank you.

‘Healthcare Support Worker’ covers a range of staff, which can include healthcare assistants (HCAs), maternity support workers, podiatry assistants, theatre assistants, dietetic assistants, radiography assistants, prosthetic technicians, occupational therapy support workers, physio assistants, orthotic technicians, speech and language assistants, volunteers and porters.

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    Example story

    Our 88-year-old mother was a patient for 2 weeks. It was a roller coaster, we never knew what to expect. Everything was new and frightening to us as we watched her struggle to live. Through it all, Tami was there, working tirelessly, diligently, helping us understand issues and ramifications. She patiently explained things to us, sometimes more than once, until we got it. Of utmost importance to her was Mum’s comfort. Tami was also concerned about each of us, the family, as we went through our own emotional and exhausting roller coaster rides.

    We looked forward each day to seeing Tami. She obviously cared deeply for Mum. Tami became like family to us. I wanted to hug her hello and goodbye. Everyday her knowledge and skills were evident. As one tiny example, the day oxygen saturation was dropping, chest tubes were in, Tami analysed the best position to put Mum into with those tubes in order to maximize saturation. It worked. Tami’s tireless, devoted, and skilled passion for our mother’s well being made a huge impression on us. She stood out as a member of staff willing and able to go beyond the normal call of duty.