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Work experience placements full

Please note that all placements are referred a term in advance, Unfortunately due to high demand all placements have been filled.

We want to encourage people who are interested in careers in the NHS to apply for work experience. Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are keen to support individuals from the age of 16 wishing to obtain work experience in the NHS. Young people (aged 16-18) and adults are supported to obtain up to a maximum of two weeks work experience both in a general and a medical setting.

We offer a wide range of work experience placements across Torbay and South Devon. Placements can be offered within a range of localities from Dawlish to Dartmouth, in addition to Torbay Hospital. Whilst there are a large variety of opportunities available, please note that no placement is guaranteed and there may be some delay between processing your application and securing the appropriate placement for you.

How to apply

Young people (aged 16-18) within education

Young people in education can be referred for a work experience placement through their education provider. We provide each local education provider with all relevant referral paperwork. There are three intakes of work experience per year, in accordance with the three academic terms. Applications open in January for placements in the Summer terms, April for placements in the Autumn term and September for placements in the Spring term. (All work experience placements for 16 – 18 year olds will be placed the term after their referral from their education provider).

Work experience terms

Young people interested in a becoming a doctor

If they are studying appropriate A levels in a local college or 6th Form, year 12/13, we offer up to one week in a medical work experience placement. This is the same process as above.

Adult work experience

Work experience placements are available for adults on an ad hoc basis. Adults can self-refer for work experience by requesting an application pack.


Due to the amount of applications we receive we will only be accepting requests in 2 ways:

  1. Directly from the education provider (28 education providers have application packs already)
  2. You are an adult and you reside within our Trust boundary area.
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