0 to 19 Torbay

Find out about your 0-19 service.

Nutrition, feeding and exercise recommendations, difficulties, hints, and tips, for you, your child, and family.

Your developing child from birth to 19.

Immunisation information for you and your family.

Emotional health and wellbeing information for you and your family.

Illness, allergies, and keeping healthy information for you, your child, and family.

Dental health information, taking care of your whole families teeth, from teething and onwards.

Toilet training, wetting and soiling information, support and advice for all ages.

Behaviour awareness, information, guidance and support for children and young people.

Advice and who to turn to for specialised support with special needs, learning, and physical disabilities.

Information for all children starting and moving to new schools.

Safeguarding, what to do if you have any concerns about yourself or anyone else.

Additional links, information, and advice.

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