Preparing for surgery

Doctor and Nurse discussing plans detailed on a wall chart

You will have a number of appointments with healthcare professionals leading up to your elective surgery where information about getting ready will be provided. Sometimes you will be sent for further appointments at the hospital to have additional tests or for medications to be prescribed.

The time before you come into hospital before your operation can be spent usefully by preparing yourself, your home and your family for your recovery.

You can read more about ways you may be able to improve your health before surgery by visiting the Health before your surgery section.

A checklist is a useful way to prepare for your hospital visit.

Remember to:

  • Pack all your medication in original containers
  • Ensure you have enough medication and you will not run out
  • Move items regularly used to be easily accessible
  • Pack suitable day clothing and toiletries
  • Arrange care for pets and family
  • Arrange discharge plans i.e. lift home
  • Prepare food and meals for your convenience once home
  • Freeze milk and bread for the first few days once home