Shared decision making

Photo: Dr talking with smiling patient

Shared decision making refers to the respectful partnership that is formed between health professionals and patients. While we, the health professionals bring the knowledge and expertise of the disease process and treatment options, you the patient are the expert on your own health, values and preferences. We both therefore have a role to play in shaping your surgical pathway and establishing realistic goals and management plans. In most cases, there are a number of options that lead to different outcomes and the ‘right’ decision depends on your own personal goals and opinions. We will discuss the options available to you and explore what each option means for you. In return we ask that you put forward your questions and any concerns.

You will be asked to sign a consent form before your surgery to allow the surgeon to perform the required procedure.

Please ensure you understand the procedure, risks and your options prior to signing the form. It is important that you completely understand the information and are an active partner in your care. You will be given several opportunities to ask any questions you may have. There will be a copy of the signed consent form for you to keep. Please ask for it at the time of signing.