Adult hearing services

Appointments and repairs

Our appointments and repairs patient information leaflet explains what you can expect during your appointment.

What will happen at my appointment?

These patient information leaflets explain what you can expect during your appointment.

Communication/listening equipment

A hearing aid isn’t going to restore your hearing completely, and some people have ongoing hearing problems even after a hearing aid is fitted. There is a wide range of equipment available to help around the home or at work. The most common problem that hearing aid users experience is hearing on the telephone; other problems include hearing the doorbell, fire alarm, television, alarm clock or baby monitor. There is equipment available to help with all of these problems.

If you are aware of ongoing problems around the house, the Sensory Team can come and visit you at home and give advice on equipment that might help.

A Sensory Hub is also located in Midvale Road, Paignton. This provides free information and support for vision and hearing. They have a range of aids and equipment that can be demonstrated and may assist with daily living.

For advice and information on help available, why not call in to speak to one of their specialist team members, or visit one of the sessions listed below.

Please note the hearing loss specialist is available three days a week.

Jasmyn House, 1 Midvale Road, Paignton, TQ4 5BD.

  • Monday, Closed
  • Tuesday, 10am – 4pm
  • Wednesday, 10am – 4pm
  • Thursday, 10am – 4pm
  • Friday, Closed

A coffee morning is held on the first Wednesday of the month, 10am – 12noon. A voluntary contribution of £2 to include tea/coffee, and cakes.

If you live in Torbay the Sensory Team can be contacted by:

Tel: 01803 219800
Fax: 01803 219899
SMS: 07833 194328
Text phone: 18001 01803 219800

If you live in the rest of Devon the Sensory Team can be contacted by:

Foxhole, Dartington, Totnes, TQ9 6ET
Telephone/Textphone: 01392 386623

Alternatively you could visit Sound Base, this is an advice and information centre in Exeter where you can talk to an adviser and try out equipment before you buy.

Bull Meadow Clinic, Bull Meadow Road, EX2 4JF
Telephone/Textphone: 01392 424018

Drop in sessions are on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am – 1pm, at other times visits can be arranged by appointment.

Complex needs services

At Torbay Audiology – Hearing Care we have audiologists who specialise in patients with dementia, learning disability and those with who have complex hearing needs. Each patient would have a specific specialist staff member who will continue to see the individual until the optimum outcome has been achieved. We will utilise other equipment and devices as and where appropriate. Where appropriate we can fit combination tinnitus and hearing devices, assess and fit patients for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids and make referrals for Cochlear Implants.


How do I use my hearing aid with the telephone?

If you are using your hearing aid with the telephone, you will need to hold the telephone receiver just above and slightly away from your ear. This ensures that the sound is directed into the microphone of the hearing aid.

If you are still unable to manage on the telephone, it might be worth trying an amplified telephone or a telephone with the loop system (see communication/listening equipment above).

For information on where to purchase landline/mobile phones for anyone with hearing loss please visit Action on Hearing Loss. You can claim the VAT if you have a hearing loss, and everything is available on a 28 money back guarantee.

I don’t feel my hearing loss is bad enough for a hearing aid. Is there anything else I can try instead?

How often should I have my hearing reassessed?

We normally recommend getting your hearing retested every 3 years as hearing loss is usually a very gradual process. Once you have had your hearing aid fitted it is up to you, the patient, to contact us if you feel there has been any change in hearing and we can arrange a reassessment. You will then be contacted by the appointment booking team who will arrange a telephone consultation (if suitable) with an Audiologist. They will update the medical history over the phone and perform a questionnaire to help us understand the areas of your life that are important for you to hear better in. During this phone call the Audiologist will book a face-to-face appointment with you at an agreed time and location for the next appointment. Here we will perform an examination of the ears, a full hearing test and possible hearing aids adjustments depending on the results.

In exceptional circumstances you may feel that your hearing has declined more rapidly than 3 years. If this is the case, you would need to see an Audiologist for a repair appointment first to make sure the hearing aids are working as they should be. This can also be checked by dropping them into one of our community hospitals for servicing which is recommended every 4-6 months routinely. We can’t guarantee this as a same day service.

If you feel your hearing has deteriorated suddenly (defined as within 72 hours) and it is not the hearing aid at fault, we class this as a medical emergency. Any sudden hearing loss should be treated so we advise you to go straight to the Emergency Department (A&E) without delay to seek urgent medical treatment.