Hearing aids

These patient information leaflets offer advice on what to expect, how to care for and common problems with hearing aids.

What kind of hearing aid will I get?

At Torbay Audiology – Hearing Care we are currently fitting the Siemens range of digital hearing aids to the majority of our adult patients. All of our hearing aids are programmed to patient specific prescriptions using hearing test results and ‘Real Ear Measurements’ which take into account the acoustic properties of the ear canal. Siemens hearing aids have the following features:

Teneo™. Hearing life the Teneo way.

  • 12 frequency channels which can be individually adjusted to match your hearing prescription
  • 24 channel automatic directionality – the hearing aid will detect where speech is coming from and adapt so that the microphones are picking up sound from those directions
  • Wireless ‘ear to ear’ technology which means that if you have two hearing aids they will communicate with one another and can be adjusted simultaneously
  • Speech and Noise Management to detect speech and reduce background noise as much as possible
  • SoundSmoothing™ transient noise reduction for sudden loud sounds
  • Feedback Manager with parallel processing, acoustic fingerprint technology and transient frequency shift
  • Frequency Compression
  • DataLogging™
  • eWindscreen™ to reduce wind noise as much as possible
  • touchControl App™ for discreet hearing aid adjustments using your iOS or Android smartphone
  • IP67 rated for effective resistance to moisture, dust and dirt.
Teneo S+

Teneo S+

Teneo M+

Teneo M+

Teneo HP+

Teneo HP+

Octiv SP+

Octiv SP+

Teneo S+ digital hearing aid
The Teneo S+ is the smallest model of hearing aid and is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a program button so that the hearing aid can be adjusted in different environments. This button can instead be used as a volume control if wearing 2 hearing aids together but it is not possible to have both programs and volume on this hearing aid. Alternatively, the touchControl App can used for changing hearing programs or volume. The Teneo S+ can be set up to be completely automatic which can be helpful for people with poor dexterity. It is not compatible with the loop system.

Please note that the earpiece you are provided with might differ in appearance to the one in the picture depending on your level of hearing loss.

Teneo M+ digital hearing aid
Teneo M+ hearing aid are slightly larger than the Teneo S+. This hearing aid has a rocker switch rather than a push button. This means that it is possible to utilise on board controls for both volume control and environmental hearing programs as well as the loop system. The volume control works even when only one hearing aid is worn. The majority of patients don’t need a volume control as digital hearing aids will adjust automatically but some people like to be able to adjust the hearing aid to their preferred level. The volume control is adjusted when the hearing aid is in your ear so you will need to have fairly good dexterity to use this feature. Alternatively, the touchControl App can used for changing hearing programs or volume.

Teneo HP+ digital hearing aid
This hearing aid is slightly larger than the Teneo M+ and is suitable for severe hearing losses. It has a separate program button and volume control which can make it easier to adjust. It has all the same features as the Teneo M+ but can also be set up automatically. The touchControl App can also be used for changing hearing programs or volume.

Octiv SP+
This is the largest and most powerful hearing aid in the range and is suitable for profound hearing losses. It has all the same features as the Octiv HP+ but can also be set up automatically.

The majority of our adult patients will be fitted with one of the above hearing aids but in exceptional circumstances more specialist hearing aids might be required and these are fitted as and when appropriate.


Will using a hearing aid in any way damage my existing hearing?

No, your hearing is likely to naturally deteriorate over time but wearing a hearing aid won’t make it worse. If anything it is good for your hearing pathways in the brain to remain active.

However do not wear your hearing aids in any environment where you should be wearing ear defenders. For more information on this please see protecting your ears from noise.

Where can I get batteries from?

What do I do if I’ve lost my hearing aid?

If you have lost your hearing aid please make an appointment for an impression of your ear to be taken. Please note we will need your ear to be completely clear of wax for this appointment. If you have any old ear moulds please bring them with you and we might be able to replace the hearing aid at that appointment.

There is a charge of £50 for a lost or damaged hearing aid. Please read our lost and damaged aids policy.

How can I get the loop system on my aid?

Most of our hearing aids have the option of a loop system on them. If you have not got this or would like it activated please make an appointment.

If you think your hearing aid has the loop but you are unsure how to use this or what it does, please make an appointment.

My hearing aid is not working/my hearing aid is whistling?

If your hearing aid is whistling it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your earmould may not be in properly, if this is the problem you may find that it is uncomfortable. Also your hearing aid may fall out. If you are unsure whether you are putting your earmould in properly, please see an Audiologist for advice.
  • There may be wax in your ears, please have your ears checked by your GP before arranging an appointment to see an Audiologist.
  • Your earmould may need replacing; these do shrink over time and this can cause the hearing aid to whistle. Again, your ears will need to be clear of wax before we can take a new impression of your ears.

Do I have to pay for hearing aid batteries?

Batteries are provided free of charge and can be picked up by you or someone else on your behalf. Please note that you will not be given batteries without your battery book. Remember to switch the hearing aid off when you are not using it in order to save the battery.

Can I get some more instructions for my hearing aid?

You should have received an instruction leaflet when your hearing aid was fitted but if not please get in touch and we will send you one in the post. If you are having problems with your hearing aid and would like someone to go through the controls with you then please make an appointment.

Do I have to pay anything for my aid?

All our hearing aids and batteries are provided free on the NHS. However they remain the property of the NHS and if they are lost or damaged there is a charge of £50. Please read our lost and damaged aids policy.

What are the benefits of having two hearing aids?

In most situations we would recommend wearing two hearing aids. There are a number of advantages to this including improved hearing in groups and noisy places and being able to tell where sound is coming from better. However not everyone is suitable for two hearing aids and your audiologist will advise you on this. If you have chosen just to go for one we can always fit you up with a second hearing aid at a later date.

My mould is hurting my ear- what should I do?

There are a number of things that could be causing this so please contact us for an appointment. Please specify this as the problem when booking as we may need to file the mould and we do not have the equipment to do this at all our clinics.

I have lost my brown battery book – how do I get a replacement?

Please ring us and we can post you out a new one.

Do I have to return my old batteries when I collect new ones?

No, we are able to recycle your batteries for you but please feel free to recycle them yourself at any battery recycling points or in your household recycling.

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