Hearing aids

These patient information leaflets offer advice on what to expect, how to care for and common problems with hearing aids.

What kind of hearing aid will I get?

At Torbay Audiology - Hearing Care we are currently fitting the Siemens range of digital hearing aids to the majority of our adult patients. All of our hearing aids are programmed to patient specific prescriptions using hearing test results and 'Real Ear Measurements' which take into account the acoustic properties of the ear canal. Siemens hearing aids have the following features:

Each Contrast hearing aid is packed full of features, which, depending on the model, can include the below:

  • A range of colours to choose from
  • Directional microphones: Optimised placement and orientation provide an improved directionality to ensure the best possible binaural listening performance.
  • Dual onboard controls: Integrated push button and rocker switch for manual control including a programmable key lock to prevent unintentional program or volume changes.
  • IP67-rated: Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.
  • Tinnitus therapy signal: including five static noise types and four ocean wave signals.
  • Wireless CROS/BiCROS: The transmitter device sends processed audio signals to the hearing aid in the other ear via e2e wireless 3.0.
  • Wireless connectivity: e2e wireless 3.0 allows for easy audio streaming and remote control functionality via the easyTek and easyTek App.
  • (Option) Direct audio input: Contrast SP+ comes with a standard battery compartment that can be exchanged for one with a direct audio input connection.
Photo: Teneo S+
Contrast S+
Photo: Teneo M+
Contrast SP+
Photo: Teneo HP+
Contrast HP+

Contrast S+ digital hearing aid
With its sleek, robust BTE design, the Contrast S+ model offer patients maximum comfort and convenience. Easy to adjust and control, they are packed with functionality that lets patients hear with ease all day long. Contrast S+ can be equipped with an optional battery compartment for direct audio input via an integrated audio shoe.

Please note that the earpiece you are provided with might differ in appearance to the one in the picture depending on your level of hearing loss.

Contrast SP+ digital hearing aid
Contrast SP+ is a compelling choice for patients with profound hearing loss. Signia Contrast takes connectivity, speech comprehension and performance to the next level with technologies like arrow Directionality, SpeechMaster and full wireless support with our apps and accessories. Direct audio input via the optional audio shoe and easy-to-reach controls on the device cater to the wearers typical requirements in this class.

Contrast HP+ digital hearing aid
Fully featured with directional microphones for true binaural hearing, the Contrast HP+ (as well as the S+) is fitted with the ultraslim ThinTube for maximum discretion and improved directional hearing. Contrast HP+ can be equipped with an optional battery compartment for direct audio input via an integrated audio shoe.

The majority of our adult patients will be fitted with one of the above hearing aids but in exceptional circumstances more specialist hearing aids might be required and these are fitted as and when appropriate.


A full list of FAQs is available on our dedicated FAQs page.