Patient feedback

We hope that our patients are satisfied with the service they receive and value feedback so that we can evaluate and improve our service. If you have any comments or suggestions, whether good or bad we would be happy to hear from you and can be contacted by phone, fax or email.

Telephone: 01803 656325
Fax: 01803 654981
Email: Audiology – Hearing Care

Patient user groups

We are in the process of setting up a patient user group. The group will meet approximately twice a year to discuss our service and make suggestions about how we can improve. We are looking to recruit patients to join this group, if this is something that you are interested in then please contact us for more details.

Patient surveys

In the last few years we have conducted a number of patient satisfaction surveys to assess different areas of our service including waiting times, convenience of appointment, comfort of environment, helpfulness of staff and provision of written information. Of the 400 patients that responded to our surveys, over 96% of these agreed that they were satisfied with the service they received.

Our overall highest scoring question across the surveys was whether the Audiologist was friendly and helpful, with 99% of patients agreeing with this statement.

The lowest scoring question across the surveys was whether patients were satisfied with the length of time they waited to receive their appointment with 93% of patients agreeing that they were satisfied. We have since changed our appointment booking procedure so that when a follow up appointment is needed this is booked straight away by the Audiologist. Our latest survey showed an increase in patient satisfaction to 98% for this question.

Action taken in response to patient feedback

As well as changing our booking procedure, a number of changes to the way we do things have been made as a direct result of patient feedback. These include:

  • making sure patient information leaflets are given out whenever a hearing aid is fitted, we have put together fitting packs to make this easier
  • listening to patients and giving them the opportunity to ask questions at all appointments
  • responding to all patients who have asked to be contacted in relation to comments made and dealing with any specific issues identified

Patient comments

“I have seen M on numerous occasions over the last ten years and she has helped me enormously to try and control this hideous hissing in my ears, we have tried at least two sets of hearing aids and white noise reduction sounds.”……”M has shown me incredible compassion and help, without that support I would not be here now. Congratulations on your department and please convey my thanks to her.”

“It was a pleasure to come and we couldn’t have had a better service”

“We are so grateful for the care we receive as it has made a big improvement to a very difficult disability, thank you”

“I do not see how you can improve, my appointment was quick, no long wait on arrival, staff very helpful and explanations were clear and not patronising”

“I haven’t stopped singing the praises of the two ladies who took so much trouble to fit my new hearing aid”

“We have Torbay, Dawlish, Teignmouth and Newton Abbot Hospitals, such a choice. How lucky we are to have a wonderful Audiology department”

“The whole Audiology team are exemplary. Their care and patience in dealing with people like myself and my father in law is wonderful.”

“A very positive experience. Congratulations to all involved in my care. The systems work very effectively whilst retaining a sense of humanity”

“I will say that the Audiology department is easily the most caring department that I have dealt with in Torbay hospital – long may it continue!”

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