Patient feedback

We hope that our patients are satisfied with the service they receive and value feedback so that we can evaluate and improve our service. If you have any comments or suggestions, whether good or bad we would be happy to hear from you and can be contacted by phone or email.

Telephone: 01803 656325
Email: Audiology – Hearing Care

Patient surveys

In the last few years we have conducted a number of patient satisfaction surveys to assess different areas of our service including waiting times, convenience of appointment, comfort of environment, helpfulness of staff and provision of written information. Of the 400 patients that responded to our surveys, over 96% of these agreed that they were satisfied with the service they received.

On the latest survey the scores are generally comparable with a previous survey with high satisfaction scores over 96% for all questions that were answered by all patients.

The lowest scoring question across the surveys was whether patients were satisfied with the length of time they waited to receive their appointment with 93% of patients agreeing that they were satisfied. We have since changed our appointment booking procedure so that when a follow up appointment is needed this is booked straight away by the Audiologist. Our latest survey showed an increase in patient satisfaction to 98% for this question.

Action taken in response to patient feedback - you said, we did

As well as changing our booking procedure, a number of changes to the way we do things have been made as a direct result of patient feedback. These include:

  • making sure patient information leaflets are given out whenever a hearing aid is fitted, we have put together fitting packs to make this easier.
  • listening to patients and giving them the opportunity to ask questions at all appointments.
  • responding to all patients who have asked to be contacted in relation to comments made and dealing with any specific issues identified.
  • On the previous survey written/adequate information being provided was low scoring and this has vastly improved as we are issued fitting packs, individual management plans and also having to document whether we do this on the patient’s journal.
  • The mean score for convenient location has improved from 10th to 5th and this is something you wanted us to improve we now offer regular adult and paediatric appointments 3 times a week with our new sound proof booth at Totnes and we book all appointments with the patient to make it convenient for them.

Patient comments

Keep doing what you are doing.

All good.

Fantastic service, staff really friendly and understanding. Thank you all so much

Just keep up the very good work. From the moment I entered the hospital for my appointment I were delighted how I was greeted by the hard working staff. My test was made much easier with kind and friendly attention throughout my visit. I certainly have no complaints whatsoever. Liz Davenport will be very proud of you all. You are a great credit to the hospital and yourselves of course.

The whole experience from Initial test, Fitting and Tuning of hearing aids has been brilliant! The instruments are fantastic, my hearing is fully restored. The NHS at its very best!

Service is very good. I could not find fault at all.

An excellent service from start to finish and done in a very short time. Pleasantly surprised. Well done.

Excellent advice throughout. Really pleased. Couldn’t be bettered. Thank you.