Purchasing hearing aids privately

NHS Audiology Hearing Care provides a free, high quality digital hearing aid service. However, if you who would like to purchase more advanced technology and/or alternative fitting styles or accessories, you can now be seen by one of our highly qualified and experienced NHS Audiologists to purchase your choice of devices.

You will be seen by an NHS qualified Audiologist, who is also registered as a hearing aid dispenser. Our Audiologists have a wealth of experience and will assess your hearing and hearing needs to a high standard – you can trust our Audiologists to advise you only of products that would be suitable for your needs allowing you to choose your preferred option.

During your initial appointment, your Audiologist will advise you about the various styles of hearing aids and accessories available from a selection of manufactures. This enables you to choose your preferred option from a wide range of products – with the help of expert guidance.

Your Audiologist will then arrange the fitting of the device you have chosen within days of your initial appointment and fit them in line with best practice and national guidelines.

We can provide you with a hearing package that includes a three year guarantee and three years’ worth of batteries. You can be assured that there are no further charges for aftercare.

Receiver in canal

Small behind the ear Receiver in the Canal aid

IIC hearing aid

Invisible In the Canal aid (IIC) fits deep in the ear canal


Range of; In The Ear (ITE), half concha, and Completely in the Canal (CIC) aids with a coffee bean for size comparison

Price guide

Three year package of care service We provide a three year package of care service which includes:

  • an initial assessment appointment
  • two hearing aids
  • a fitting appointment
  • at least two follow up appointments
  • repair appointments
  • batteries over the three years.
Hearing aid remote

An example of a remote control device to enable volume and program changes without touching the hearing aid

How much will it cost?

Including the above mentioned three year package of care, two hearing aids in the Behind The Ear (BTE) or In The Ear (ITE) range, would cost between £1,700* (for basic level technology hearing aids) and up to £3,400* (for two ‘top of the range’ designer hearing aids).

Following the initial assessment appointment with one of our Audiologists, you will need to pay for the package you have chosen. Alternatively, if you decide not to proceed with a package of care at this time, you will need to pay £120* to cover the cost of the initial assessment.

30 day money back guarantee

We hope that you will be delighted with your new hearing aids, however, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Within 30 days of you receiving your new hearing aids you will be offered a follow up appointment. During this appointment, if you choose to return the hearing aids you will just be charged for the appointments you have had so far. For example: An initial assessment, a fitting appointment and one follow up appointment, totalling £300*.

How to pay

You will need to bring a payment card with you to the initial assessment appointment. Full details of the costs and packages of care will be explained within this appointment.

Further information

For more information or if you would like to arrange your initial private assessment appointment please contact Torbay Hospital’s Audiology Department on 01803 655125 or via our contact form.

Please note: *Stated prices correct as of 19/04/2013 and are subject to change.

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