Tinnitus/hearing therapy


Torbay Audiology – Hearing Care has an Audiology Led Tinnitus Direct service which your GP can refer you to directly. Our waiting times are currently low and you will be seen by a Specialist Senior Audiologist who will take a comprehensive medical history. This may include questions about you mental health and they may then go onto perform Audiological testing. The audiologist will then discuss the mechanisms of tinnitus, and will help you decide on an individual management plan and help you set realistic goals in order to attempt to reduce awareness of you tinnitus. You will be seen by a specialist tinnitus audiologist who will take a comprehensive medical history and perform audiological testing. The audiologist will give you an explanation for your tinnitus, followed by help managing and reducing it. Your results will be overseen by an Ear, Nose and Throat consultant and if required any further testing will be arranged. You will be offered the option of seeing another Specialist Senior Audiologist for further tinnitus counselling.

Tinnitus counselling

If you need further help managing your tinnitus you can see a specialist tinnitus audiologist for tinnitus counselling. At this appointment the specialist can help you further to understand the possible cause and mechanisms of your tinnitus and the factors which control it, enabling you to make changes and learn management strategies in order to help reduce awareness of your tinnitus. This appointment may involve talking about other factors that influence tinnitus awareness such as mental health/mood. We may offer you the opportunity to see a psychologist who will talk to you about your tinnitus and help you to learn more psychological techniques to better understand and live with it.

Communication advice

Hearing aids are a great help with hearing loss and for many people provide enough additional help to enable them to manage their everyday activities, but hearing aids are not a cure for hearing impairment and improving your communication tactics can add the extra help to make everyday life easier. A specialist audiologist can help you learn ways to improve your communication tactics.

Hearing loss counselling

Some people find it hard to adjust to living with a hearing impairment and need a little help with this. You can see a specialist audiologist who can help you and your family through the process.

The audiologist will use their background in counselling to try and help you find ways of managing them. The audiologist may perform a comprehensive medical history which may involve questions about lifestyle and mental health. Audiological measurements maybe performed if felt necessary. The results will be discussed at your appointment followed by advice on further management and this may involve the discussion of assistive listening devices as hearing aids unfortunately are not able to solve 100% of hearing problems effectively.

Cochlear implant support

If you have a cochlear implant you can come and see a specialist audiologist who will help you maximise the use of your implant. We work closely with the West of England Cochlear Implant team.

  • CI South West – a social group for cochlear implant users and candidates in the South West of England.


Is there a lip reading class that I can join?

There are lip reading classes in the following areas:

  • WEA Exeter – Thursday mornings and afternoons
  • Jasmyn House, Midvale Road, Paignton – Friday mornings
  • The Avenue Church, Newton Abbot – Friday afternoons

All classes cost £60 for 10 weeks or are free of charge for anyone on an income-related benefit.

For further details contact Ruth Bizley:

Email: ruth@bizleyart.com
Tel: 01297 442239
Mobile text: 07855 340517

Other events and sessions

Is there a tinnitus/hearing support group that I can join?

Kingsbridge and District Tinnitus and Hard of Hearing Group meets at the Rest Rooms, The Quay, Kingsbridge, once every two months. The group gives members the opportunity to discuss their various hearing problems. They have speakers on related subjects and have in attendance a hearing therapist and a representative of the RNID. They welcome new members at any time. Membership fee is £6 a year. A Conversor Multipack is provided to help with hearing during the meetings.

For further information and meeting dates please contact the joint chairs, Brenda Winter on 01548 580433 or Jean Brooking on 01548 580511.

The Torbay Tinnitus Support Group meet at Sensory Room, Jasmyn House, 1 Midvale Road, Paignton, Devon TQ4 5BD, once every three months. The group is part of the British Tinnitus Association support groups network.

For further information and to confirm your attendance, contact Andy on 07952 934133 or email torbaytsg@gmail.com.

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