Breast Care Unit clinics

Breast Care Unit waiting area

Waiting area

New patient clinic

If you have a possible breast problem, your GP may refer you to one of these clinics. You’ll be seen by one of our team who will discuss you concerns and expect to examine you.

You may need tests including mammogram, ultrasound scan and needle biopsy. These are described in more detail in our support videos and the Breast Cancer Care website.

We understand that this is a very worrying time for you, and our aim is to relieve this anxiety as quickly as possible. We try to get all the tests done on the same day. We can usually give you the results of a mammogram and scan the same day. It takes about a week to get the results of a needle biopsy back. Sometimes we can send your results by telephone or letter.

If you do not need a needle biopsy test we can discuss treatment options, if needed, during the same clinic. The clinician will discuss which is the best way to receive these results.

The kind of tests you will need will depend on your individual problem.

Breast Care Unit consultation room

Consultation room

Results clinics

If you need to discuss test results we will see you in a special “results” clinic. Here we have more time to discuss and plan treatment options and the outcomes of treatment including operations. We may arrange for other specialists, including oncologists, to see you.

Follow up clinics

Some patients are seen regularly after treatment. This may be after a few weeks, or yearly. The clinics include breast care nurse clinics, breast cancer clinics, family history clinics and breast reconstruction clinics. Some clinics are at Newton Abbot, Totnes, Paignton and Teignmouth Community Hospitals. We can usually arrange follow up in these hospitals, if this is easier for you.

Support videos

To help you to benefit fully from our care and support, we have prepared some videos that will believe will help you to understand the journey of care, the tests and treatment we will undertake and support we provide. Your breast care team will direct you to the videos that are appropriate for you depending on the treatment you are going to have.

Please note that some of the videos in this series include images of naked breasts. These are only included to aid the understanding of the procedures being discussed. If you are likely to be offended or believe it to be inappropriate, please do not play the videos.

View our breast care support videos.

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