Torbay CAMHS Family Forum

Who we are

Torbay CAMHS Family Forum is for parents and family members of children and young people who have experienced the mental health system who try to improve and shape mental health services for young people in Torbay.

What we do

We work on various projects to help improve and shape Mental Health Services, in particular CAMHS. We get involved in a variety of activities and consultations and also The Family Forum have opportunities to:

  • Interview new staff at CAMHS
  • Train staff at CAMHS
  • Organise and attend events
  • Give CAMHS suggestions as to how they can improve their service for young people
  • Attend accredited training courses.

As many of the members are people who have been through similar experiences we also find that the group offers information and support that can help parents and families going through, sometimes, tough times.


Find out more and join our Torbay CAMHS Family Forum Facebook group.

Forum facilitator

Hello I’m Cassie Brennan,
I help facilitate the Torbay CAMHS Family Forum group. I develop group activities and make sure you are listened to and that your questions are answered. I am always happy to speak with you on the phone if you would like any further information regarding the Torbay CAMHS Family Forum. Please contact me on:

Tel: 01626 356720
Mob: 07525 225558

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