Cardiology/Cardiac Centre

Level 2
Torbay Hospital
Lowes Bridge
Torquay TQ2 7AA

Tel: 01803 655161
Fax: 01803 655163
Outpatient booking: 01803 656335


The Torbay Cardiac Centre incorporates a triage room for emergency admissions, chest pain observation unit, coronary care unit, pacing room, and inpatient coronary care. It also has a dedicated cardiac catherisation laboratory where our consultants carry out angioplasties and angiograms.

In-patient services

Our Cardiac Centre opened in 2003 is situated on the ground floor of the Hetherington unit and offers the following services:

Dunlop Ward
Dunlop Ward contains 16 cardiac beds and is situated in the Cardiac Centre. All patients are admitted under the care of one of the cardiologists and are cared for by cardiac trained nursing staff. There is a consultant ward round every weekday. There are no age limitations for admission to the cardiac wards. Urgent non-invasive investigations are available same day on request.

Coronary Care Unit
This 8 bedded unit in our Cardiac Centre is fully staffed and equipped for continuous ECG and haemodynamic monitoring, temporary cardiac pacing, IABP insertion, pericardiocentesis, ventilation (non-invasive and invasive), and haemofiltration. All patients admitted here are transferred to the care of one of the Cardiologists. There is a consultant ward round every weekday morning and there are no age limitations for admission.

Out-patient services

The Heart & Lung Unit was opened in December 1995 as a purpose-built unit for Cardiac and Respiratory Medicine and is situated below the Day Surgery Unit. The unit accommodates out-patient consultation rooms, investigation suites and the Resuscitation Training Department.

Consultant clinics
The majority of the consultant clinics offer a one-stop service with all appropriate investigations being performed at the same visit (excluding cardiac catheterisation). A number of clinics are dedicated to patients with specific problems such as the Echocardiography clinic, Young Adults and post-Myocardial Infarction clinic.

Non-consultant clinics

  • Pacemaker follow-up
  • Patient counselling
  • Angiography pre-admission
  • Chronic heart failure clinic

Cardiac rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation is provided for post-MI and post-surgery patients, and other cardiac groups will be offered rehabilitation after assessment of need. For elective surgical patients the service is run in liaison with South West Cardiothoracic centre in Derriford. Patients can be referred to the service by consultant cardiologists, GPs and ward nurses. The Cardiac rehab specialist nurse is based at Old Farm Surgery, 67 Foxhole Road, Paignton, 01803 527062.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit is situated at Old Farm Surgery, 67 Foxhole Road, Paignton and group sessions are held here and at Dyrons Leisure Centre. In this unit there are facilities for exercise classes and group meetings/discussions. Cardiac rehabilitation is offered to patients (and their relatives/spouses) following Myocardial Infarction, Cardiac Surgery or Coronary Angioplasty. The programme consists of 16 sessions per patient of education and support, coronary risk factor reduction, stress management, smoking cessation classes, and exercise training.

Linq Insertable Cardiac Monitor Clinics
An insertable cardiac monitor is a small device that helps your doctor diagnose and treat problems with your heart beat. It sits just beneath the skin of your chest and continuously monitors your heart. It detects abnormalities of the heart rhythm, which are called arrhythmias.

The device is inserted under the skin and we have created some videos to explain the procedure and the how we monitor your heart rhythm.

Support videos

To support our patients, we have prepared some videos that will help people who have heart failure, their family, friends and carers. View our videos.

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